New Beyond Excellence Foundation

Back in 2007, FM Pay It Forward was selected as the primary not-for-profit organization for handling donations given by graduates of the Discover Leadership Training adult programs. Throughout the years we’ve collected thousands of dollars and disbursed the funds to various scholarship recipients who have attended one of the youth courses offered by DLT.

What’s going on?
Effective March 28, 2011 – FM Pay It Forward and Beyond Excellence, two not-for-profit organizations committed to the personal growth and leadership development of our youth, are working together to launch the next phase of Beyond Excellence. In addition, for the remainder of 2011, FM Pay It Forward will be reorganizing its corporate structure.

How will this affect me?
Both organizations are committed to raising monies for our youth, and FM Pay It Forward will continue to accept donations using Network for Good and PayPal to support our new sponsoring opportunities.

During our reorganization period, we will be disbursing the majority of our funds to scholarship applicants currently in queue. Once these funds have been awarded, we will be unable to process any additional applications for the remainder of 2011. If you are currently in need of a scholarship to attend one of the youth courses offered by DLT, please contact the Beyond Excellence Foundation at for further assistance.

What’s to come?
FM Pay It Forward is focused on a positive outcome as we move forward with new sponsoring opportunities. If you’re interested in helping us move things to the next level, we’d like to hear from you.

Stay tuned. It’s NOT OVER…

About Future Mentors

Future Mentors Pay It Forward is committed to the teens of our communities and we need your help! Please consider a donation today or visit our Contribute page to learn other ways to invest in your community.


"Discover U Teen Quest for me was an awesome experience. I did so many processes that help build things such as confidence or anything I lack in. It helped me concentrate on things that help me move in the right direction. When I ever have trouble keeping connected with what I experienced there are always people to talk to. At the program I had fun and met new friends. These friends are special since not many people get to have this great opportunity.

The Teen Quest consists of all three adult programs put into one. This way it is much more powerful and it leaves a greater impact. For four days I was put through processes that helped me discover myself and break through those barriers stopping me. I won’t tell you much about the processes, only that some you will like and there might be some that you don’t like, but get through them. It is worth it in the end."

Ryan Tucker
Fargo South High